About Us

Super-Visions is putting "Business in control over IT" since 2007.

Since then, Super-Visions' IT governance and operation vision has successfully grown the company steadily, even during the difficult economical crisis times, not only thanks to our vision, but also our partnership, no-nonsense approach towards customers.

To match all our customers requirements, we offer our solutions and services as a well defined project or a fully managed service.

Super-Visions ensures optimum running of your business and full control over your IT.

The right information driving decisions through 100% visibility on all assets and comprehensive monitoring of your infrastructure, service levels and risk(s).

Business and IT processes and objectives can be clearly adjusted.

Super-Visions monitors, automates and integrates IT & Operations Management in one "framework", leveraging your existing tools and processes.

Super-Visions focuses on assisting your company in ensuring that all your assets are fully controlled

Standardization, automation, compliance, visibility and control.

Unique Vision and approach

Super-Visions uses a unique, top-down approach to create interactive business service maps. We intelligently identify business services and the IT components that support them, and generate a Business Service Catalogue (BSC) with intuitive names and populates CMDB, Monitoring systems, Asset Management, BSM, and other software.

Thanks to Super-Visions, application and underlying infrastructure issues are prioritised based on their business impact – ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed first, and enables IT to provide business value.

Why Us

  • 01.


    • Proactive IT management & IT Service Delivery
    • Team Efficiency and Documentation
    • End-user experience & IT availability
    • Automation and management of configurations and recurring activities
    • True 24x7 availability
  • 02.

    Integrated visibility

    • Real-time role-based views of DC, IT, services & business risks
    • Real-time reports of status of changes, impacts, components, services & risks
    • Visibility on integrated metrics: on the fly impact analysis and dependency mapping
  • 03.


    • Correct decisions based on measured & functionally relevant information and business impact
    • Smooth operations & Correct vendor service management
    • Faster & continued results
    • Greater flexibility
    • SOX, ISO, COSO, Cobit, ITIL, ... compliance
  • 04.


    • Cost of monitoring and ITSM software
    • Cost of 24x7 operations management
    • Failures, undocumented changes and monitoring alarm storms
    • IT & business Risks

Super-Visions is proud to be trusted by:

The Brussels Airport Company